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Destination/ Klimno

Klimno is a small, romantic place named after a small church of Saint Clement from 1381. Klimno and „Kimonci“ (the locals) have dealt with shipbuilding since the half of the 19th century, so even today there are three small shipyards. There is also a well equipped marina.

The real speleological marvel, the cave Biserujka, which is around 110 m long, is situated in vicinity of the camp. In Meline, at the distance of only a few hundred meters from the camp, is a beach with healing mud. The early medieval fort Dobrinj is rich with sights and art galleries.

Bašćanska ploča“, one of the earliest and most invaluable monuments of Croatian literacy, written in Glagolitic script around 1100, has also been found on the island of Krk. The islet of Košljun near Punat is known for the Franciscan monastery. The town of Krk is the oldest and the biggest settlement on the island. Its old town is encircled by the medieval city walls and has a very rich history going back to the Roman times.