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Camp "Slamni", Klimno, island Krk

The camp Slamni in Klimno is a four star camp for family, relaxation and health by the seashore. It is situated in the north-east of the island of Krk, in one of its most preserved oases, the Soline bay, which is known for the mud used in treatment of skin diseases and rheumatic disorders. The protected bay and the shallow warm sea, as well as the favorable climate, allow swimming and enjoying the beach activities not only in high season but also during spring and late fall. Geographically, the camp gently flows into the inlet Slamni with a pebble beach where the sea is in the first few meters really shallow, therefore convenient for bathing of even the smallest children.

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Gastronomy offer in camp "Slamni"

The gastronomic offer of the camp Slamni has been carefully thought out. To serve the best for the guests is the first thought when different fish and meat delicacies are being prepared.

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Mobile homes

Mobile homes in camp "Slamni"

Mobile homes are located at most attractive positions where guests, even while they are in their apartments, can sense the beautiful smell of the sea.

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About Klimno

Klimno, island Krk

Klimno is a small, romantic place named after a small church of Saint Clement from 1381. Klimno and „Kimonci“ (the locals) have dealt with shipbuilding since the half of the 19th century, so even today there are three small shipyards. There is also a well equipped marina. The real speleological marvel, the cave Biserujka, which is around 110 m long, is situated in vicinity of the camp.

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Map of the camp, Camp Slamni

Map of camp "Slamni"

See the layout of parcels, camping places and campground amenities.

The plan can be also downloaded as PDF or JPG document!

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